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Fixing the 401(k)

"Josh Itzoe has a remarkable capacity for seeing through the maze of regulations surrounding qualified plans to the handful of core ideals by which successful plans must operate. This is a great, understandable guide for plan sponsors." Pete Swisher, Founder of Waypoint and author of "401 (k) Fiduciary Governance: An Advisor's Guide"

Praise for The Fiduciary Formula

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Fielding Miller, Co-Founder & CEO of CAPTRUST

"I have admired Josh for many years. He is a pioneer in our industry, and at the forefront of helping retirement plan fiduciaries understand their responsibilities and navigate the complexities of ERISA. Anyone serving as a retirement plan fiduciary would be well served by reading this book. Your company, your participants, and your fellow committee members will be happy you did."

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Matthew Wolniewicz, President of Income America

"The Fiduciary Formula is brilliant because it is elegant in its simplicity and is easy to understand and implement. Josh is correct, there is no perfect corporate retirement plan but using the Fiduciary Formula you can optimize your plan for successful outcomes."

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David Booth, Founder and Executive Chairman of Dimensional Fund Advisors LP

"The evolution of financial science has improved the lives of real people, and Josh Itzoe has helped to channel this spirit by advocating for evidence-based investing in retirement accounts. His contributions continue in his new book, The Fiduciary Formula, a comprehensive guide that will help fiduciaries in their quest to continuously improve outcomes for 401(k) plan participants."

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Ann Schleck, Principal at InspiredMeetings

"The Fiduciary Formula is an insightful and timely book that provides practical guidance for overseeing and managing a retirement plan in a changing world. If you are a fiduciary, read this book! It will help you make sound decisions for your organization and your employees."

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Greg Long, Former Managing Fiduciary of the U.S. Government's Thrift Savings Plan

"Josh Itzoe has crafted an easily digested guide that corporate leaders would be wise to read. They can thank him later when they avoid the risk, expense, and headaches that other plan sponsors will sadly endure. I especially enjoyed Josh's explanation of the conflicts of interest that are sometimes hard to see."