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Ready to be a HERO for your prospects and clients? FiduciaryRx™ quickly delivers intelligent insights that helps retirement plan advisors deliver ADVISOR ALPHA for plan sponsors.

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More sales. Less legwork.

FiduciaryRx™ is a lead gen machine that streamlines and accelerates the sales process. In less than 10 minutes you'll know if a prospect is serious so you can spend less time chasing opportunities that don't exist and closing ones that do.

Prospect with precision

The power of the FiduciaryRx™ prospect questionnaire is its series of "Yes", "No", "Unsure" responses. It's simple, but not simplistic. And it takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You'll know exactly what to discuss and where there's confusion or lack of clarity, before you even walk into the meeting. It's like having the answer key before you take the exam.

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Simplify the engagement process

Quantifying the fiduciary process using the Fiduciary Wellness Score™ is kind of like magic. The next question is typically "What do I need to do to improve my score?" Conversations automatically shift to actions and outcomes. Can you say "buying signals"?

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Get to "Yes" faster

Once you help a prospect understand their Fiduciary Wellness Score™ and how you can improve it for them, their responses change from "I'll get back to you" to "When can we start?"

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Have better conversations, tell Your story better, deliver a better experience

Doesn't it feel like every advisor says (and does) the same thing? Not any more. By helping clients visualize and understand their Fiduciary Wellness Score™, you'll incite curiosity in prospects and inspire confidence in clients. FiduciaryRx™ quantifies the 6 key dimensions of Fiduciary Wellness™, which means your discussions will be deeper, more meaningful and more prescriptive with prospects and clients. And he or she who controls the metaphor, controls the conversation.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Showcase Your fiduciary process and industry expertise in under 10 minutes

Our modern and simple to use visual interface makes diagnosing issues, prescribing best practices and demonstrating your fiduciary care a breeze. Set better expectations, drive better outcomes and document your process faster (and more effectively) than you ever thought possible.

Deliver Advisor Alpha and be a HERO to Your clients

Improving Fiduciary Wellness™ for your clients in a quantifiable and measurable way delivers pure Advisor Alpha. And you lead them to a better fiduciary future for themselves and a better financial future for their employees. Seeing their score improve over time is the most powerful way to demonstrate your value and build client loyalty.

Our awesome features

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Is FiduciaryRx™ right for you?

Do any of these things sound important?  If so, FiduciaryRx™ is exactly what you're looking for.

Faster Prospecting

Use modern analytics and simplified tech to create practice leverage and deliver plan assessments and actionable proposals in a matter of minutes instead of hours, days, or weeks.

Unparalled insights

With a few clicks, get a comprehensive view of the average Fiduciary Wellness Score™ for each of you and your team's clients and prospects by plan size, recordkeeper and industry.

Improved retention

When your clients see their Fiduciary Wellness Score™ improve over time, your value add becomes clear and they are less at risk to another advisor's sales pitch. Play offense rather than defense.

Increased profitability

Make FiduciaryRx™ your next hire and redeploy the time and money you save into high payoff activities that grow your practice and improve your bottom line.


Compliance is a way of life. That's why we built FiduciaryRx™ with compliance teams in mind. They can add custom disclosures, gain visibility across each advisor and view reports for each plan.

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